The Guild Bank: Who left this CRAP in here?

In Eluna’s recent post “Guild Ranks”, she discussed how we have our guild organized.  A lot of the ranks are based on who needs what permission to our Guild Bank.  Let’s take a closer look at what we do to keep our bank organized and usable.  Maybe our system will make you laugh.  Perhaps you’ll roll your eyes.  Or maybe it’ll make some sense and you’ll find something to help your own guild keep things organized.

A little background may be in order: many of us met as a result of being “regulars” on the Customer Service Forum of WoW’s website.  We would volunteer our time to help people who had questions or problems with the game.  As a result, many of us are very familiar with Blizzard policies, as well as the horror stories of what can go wrong.  It is out of this knowledge that our banking policies grew.

VERY limited permissions

If you have read Eluna’s post about our ranking system, you probably noticed her frequently mention the bank permissions that are associated with the ranks.  This is a huge part of our ranking system because of Blizzard policies.  For example, only someone in the top 3 ranks of the guild may petition to take over as GM if the current GM is AWOL for too long.  So, we have our first 3 ranks locked down to GM, Raid Leader (married to the GM) and officers and their alts.  Because we are careful about choosing officers who actually have a function in the leadership of the guild, it becomes a built in safe-guard from someone claiming ownership of the guild who isn’t a trusted friend.  Everyone who is an officer or higher rank must have an authenticator attached to their account.

As for the withdrawals, the amount is completely based on the rank within the guild.  Clearly, the GM has full access.  The Raid Leader does as well (since, y’know, he’s married to Eluna…).  Then there’s me – the Bank Officer.  I have much higher permissions than anyone in the lower ranks – including the other officers.  The only time I tend to run out of withdrawals is when we’re cleaning or organizing the bank – but that almost always happens with Eluna and Kurby.  While the officers have more than raiders or casuals or applicants, they still are pretty locked down to prevent issues.  And we’ve had issues.  These permissions come from hard-won experience, unfortunately.

Raiders have access to withdraw a few items from all the tabs (except the deposit only tab, obviously).  Casuals have permission to withdraw from the “free stuff” tab.  They can request things from the other tabs, if it would help them; especially if they are working toward becoming a raider.

Applicants (our lowest rank) have no withdrawal permissions.  They can deposit into tab 1 and view tab 2 (the free-to-anyone stuff), but always have to ask.  Generally, applicants don’t stay in this rank TOO long, but they are often people we have no connection with and need some time to get to know.  We also demote inactive players to this rank until they come back – just in case of an account compromise.

Deposit tab

To keep the rest of the bank organized (I’m a wee bit OCD here), we have all deposits go into Tab 1.  Anyone in the guild can deposit, but only myself, Eluna, and Kurby can withdraw.  That is to keep the rest of the bank from being a dumping zone of random crap.

We’ve asked guildies to keep the deposits to current mats and items.  We really don’t want to stock a tab full of Linen Cloth, just because someone decided to level a new alt.  Keep the lower level stuff or auction it yourself.  If you want to make a donation based on that stuff, sell it and donate the gold.  Otherwise, I’d end up being a full-time Auction addict, trying to keep everything from jamming the GB!

We actually are using about half of the first tab to store the “fun stuff” for guild events.  Alcohol, cake, prizes (like pets) – they all hang out in this tab because no one but the 3 of us can withdraw them.  So they’re in a safe place without taking up valuable space in other tabs.

Focus on Raiding

We are progression minded – so several of our tabs are focused on mats needed for raiding: enchants for new gear, spellthread, leg armor, flasks for cauldrons, pots, gems, buff food – including the fish for our Seafood Magnifique.  This gets to be rather challenging because unless everyone is letting you know what enchants and gems they’re going to want, it’s hard to know what to keep on hand.  It’s a bit easier for the cauldrons and fish feasts, since those are not race/class/role specific (thank goodness).

We also will keep epic BoE gear and epic recipes in the bank.  This way, as someone new is ready to try raiding, we can help them gear up a bit more quickly than running 8 million heroics for the JP/VP.  If it sits for too long, or is highly valuable, or we don’t know of anyone leveling an alt who might need the items, we will often sell them on the AH to put a bit more gold in the Guild Bank (which we all use for repairs).

While we are very focused on progression, we are first and foremost FRIENDS.  So we also have quite a few members who are ranked as Casual.  They are not currently looking to join the progression raiding, but like to hang out with us and go on the fun stuff.  So we have a tab dedicated to items that would be helpful for people as they level.  This might expand to 2 tabs temporarily, while every works to level during MoP (since the focus on Raiding will be relaxed until we all get up to 90).


This is where things get exhausting… frustrating… annoying… tiring… blech.  It is VERY difficult to keep the bank stocked well.  Lately, we’ve had quite a few people who have been working hard to keep us full of the fish needed for our feasts.  That’s been a HUGE help.

Herbs are farmed by several guildies and deposited as they can.  Then once a month or so, I will hop on my herber (happens to be Brae) and run around to make sure we have enough to make cauldrons for our raids.  Last month, we got several of us online on a Saturday and farmed enough for almost 20 cauldrons.  They’ve lasted!

Gems are tough.  Not because we don’t get donations or help, but because of the crappy drop rate on red gems.  *sigh*  No, no… I’m not bitter.  Not at all.  It’s a delicate balance between what the guild needs and letting people make gold from their own hard work at leveling mining and JC.

Finally we have the wonderful world of enchanting.  Oy vey!  There are so many things to keep on hand for this – and it’s impossible to keep it all on hand.  Scrolls all look the same when they’re stacked in the bank, so it’s hard for folks to see what’s on hand, and keeping all the mats on hand takes up a TON of room.  Plus, I’m not an expert on every class and roll.  I just don’t know what people want on their tanks or frost DKs or warlocks (although my hubby helps with this one).  So we end up with strange things piled up and none of the ones we need (Power Torrent anyone?).  I’ve toyed with the idea of not stocking pre-made scrolls and just having the mats available.  But that seems like a LOT of stuff to keep on hand.  On the other hand, pre-making scrolls if they’re not the right ones means mats wasted on things that will sit and get dusty.  This is the one area I still don’t feel great about in our bank.


We do have one last tab that we used to use for our GM mats (so they would have access to them while we were raiding).  As we prepare for MoP, we’ve opted to move their stuff to their own personal bank and instead use the final tab (#7 for now) for things that are used to grind out Reputation and other Daily events.  We just got “United Nations” because we do like to level our rep with everyone, when possible.  So keeping these items available is helpful.  When MoP drops, we may re-evaluate the tab and use it for something else: we’ll see.

All in all, it’s pretty organized (although my OCD tendencies come through a LOT).  If you look at the gems tab, they’re in rainbow order.  The gear is in order by material and slot.  The enchants are grouped by what it enchants and then alphabetical based on the name.  I’m a dork.  Through and through.  But my slight OCD tendencies keep the bank organized (for the most part) – and I mostly know what’s in there at all times (Thank you, Altoholic!).

I doubt that there is a perfect way to keep the bank organized for a raiding guild with so many needs.  But this is how the Angry Gingers roll.

For now.  😉