Mists of Pandaria Cooking–an early look at healing food

Thanks to El’s Anglin’ we have some really good information out there about the MoP Cooking specialties available!

The original post is here:  http://www.elsanglin.com/news/mop-cooking-specializations.html for all it’s glory, but I’m only posting what pertains to the healing classes here.  All Mists of Pandaria information provided here, I got from El’s post, it is not my original work at all.

For healing, it looks like we will want to go with one of these two specializations, as each specialization offers one type of food buff for all the recipes they offer…

  • Way of the Pot – Intellect
  • Way of the Steamer – Spirit
I’m not sure which will be better overall for healing classes, but I’m going to guess that we’ll start with Steamer and then move to Pot once its maxed out. (That sounds illegal in some states!).  As we usually tend to focus on Spirit when we first hit max level, then move on to Int later.  Also, good to know is that feasts are an exception: Every specialization offers 2 feast dishes, each of which grants precisely the same buff – 275 Useful (class-specific) stat. This means one only needs to train one specialization to be able to cook raid feasts.

Check out the full post over at El’s Anglin for more information, it’s a really great write-up describing how the cooking profession is looking in Mists of Pandaria!