Diablo 3, First Impressions

I have never played Diablo before….well…that isn’t true, I bought the battle chest a few years back and installed it, logged in and was completely at a lost as to what to do.  It wasn’t like World of Warcraft at all.  World of Warcraft was the only computer game I’d ever played outside of card games!  Today I made a Monk…I got D3 as part of my WoW annual pass, so I figure I may as well give it a try.  I’ve completed 4 quests and teleported back to the town.  So far….I kind of like it.

I obviously made a Monk because they were the only ones that had “heal” in their description that I could find.  As someone who typically heals and will be playing this with my spouse who likes to rush in and smash things it seems suiting.  I will try the other classes eventually as well, but I figured sticking with something familiar was best.

This is my Monk:

My first D3 Character

Here I am in all my Glory!


I intend to share some of my thoughts and experiences as I go along, when I remember 🙂