Ready to Raid? Consumables and Enchants Edition

Ready to raid can mean different things to different people.  In a progression minded raiding guild being ready to raid means more than having good gear and logging in at raid time.  Today we’re going to discuss things that you may not have considered when deciding that progression raiding is something you wanted to do.  (Keep in mind, that in more casual situations, they may require less effort, this is with progression raiding in mind)

All raiders should be prepared with a stack of food, a couple of flasks (or a stack of two different kind of elixirs), a stack of potions (mana, dps boosting, or health depending on your spec!).  Hey, don’t get all defensive here, this is what progression raiding is!  Cauldrons are not going to be a part of Mists of Pandaria!  It doesn’t hurt to have a couple extra gems or enchants waiting if you know you’ll be upgrading gear mid raid if it drops for you.

Gems, Enchants, and Reforging
You should also have the best gems and enchants you can on your gear….the quality of the gem should match the quality of the item.  This can be expensive.  This can be very expensive if you replace an item more than once a week (hey it happens).  You should also utilize an add-on, site, or spreadsheet to help you with your reforging.  Ask Mr. Robot is a popular one currently, but feel free to use whatever source you are comfortable with.

“But that’s what the guild bank is for”…no, the guild bank is there to keep the guild running.  Repairs are often offered as a perk, but aren’t always guaranteed or available.  In progression raiding, you can often spend 100 to 200 gold in a single raid night.  This means you will have to find ways to earn money in-game.   Many people find that doing the weekly random heroics help with this, but, you may need to do more if you are also buying your gems, enchants, reforging and consumables.  Daily quests are great for this.  Also if you have a character with a gathering profession you can  make plenty of money going out and farming mats to sell on the auction house.  There are plenty of ways to make money in the game!

And the last thing needed is time.  In order to have the previous things, a raider needs to have time to actually be in-game when they aren’t raiding to prepare for raiding.  This is something many people don’t think about when committing to a progression raiding schedule.   One should really add about 4 to 5 hours a week to whatever their raid schedule is to just prepare for raiding, sometimes more.

Keep in mind, not all guilds require this much effort and time.  There are different levels of raiding, which ask different things of their people.  Most guilds require what I’ve listed here, from social to hardcore.  When deciding that you would like to join a raiding guild, you should find out the raiding times, along with what all they expect for you to bring along.  Read over the guild charter to make sure you understand what you are committing to before signing up and be ready to produce your own materials even if they offer a guild cauldron or food.  Then you will always be ready to raid!