My “To Do Before Mists of Pandaria” List

Also known as things to keep me from not going crazy when I’m not raiding.


Even though achievements are going account bound, since my druid has become my main, I’ve decided that I need those achievements on HER not the priest.

The current achievements I’m working on are:

  • Fishing and Cooking Dailys until done with achievements
  • Kalu’ak Dailys
  • Continue to work on Loremaster
  • Miscellaneous achievements to take a break from those things (ie: to all the pets who have shared my life)


I’ve started the process of getting my older reps to Exalted, mainly because I feel like a slacker even though this character wasn’t made until a month and a half before Cataclysm came out

  • Work on BC rep to Exalted
  • Work on Wrath rep to Exalted
  • Work on Vanilla rep

I know, it all started because I helped my husband slaughter pirates for hours last weekend so he can work on insane in the membrane.  Yes.  He is.  I’m now exalted with all the goblins now.  I really honestly think they should make me queen and give me a special crown.

I am also working in the beta a little, not as much as I’d like, but, well…it’s beta and not always playable and the husband really likes to play together on our mains….so….I wait for him to decide to play in beta.  I could level my hunter up in beta, but well, I want to test on my …. main!

I’m sure I’ll go pretty much crazy from working on the achievements, but I’ve gotten quite a few under my belt so far, including my fishing turtle and my sewer rat:

It only took me two days of fishing...!