Our Guild

We are Angry Gingers located on Terokkar (US).  Obviously we are alliance, though some of the folks have some horde alts they enjoy playing…and a few used to be horde full-time.  Elunamakata is currently the guild leader though she often shares that role with Kurby, her hyper spouse who also is the raid leader.  We consider ourselves to be a progression minded guild, though we don’t consider ourselves to be hardcore.  We have quite a few social players as well, though our progression raid team remains a focus of the guild.  You can read more about our guild here:  http://angrygingers.enjin.com/charter .  We have quite a few interesting people in our guild, and with the exception of a few folks, everyone who has joined, knows someone else in the guild.  Those few folks, are quickly becoming a part of the big crazy nutty family!  People have come and people have gone, but one thing remains the same…..we’re a bunch of fun people who truly enjoy playing with each other.

guild fishing

This was the night we earned our fish feast!



One Comment on “Our Guild”

  1. holybrae says:

    If it isn’t clear yet – our guild is NOW named “Angry Gingers”. We USED to be “Cake Eaters”. 😉

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