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Untimely Deaths

Ok so I’m bored waiting for the Diablo Servers to come back up, so I give you this:

Untimely Deaths

I’m probably using the meme incorrectly but hey what can I say…healers kinda hate it when you “announce” your death….we know.

Fishing to Cook

Let’s face it.  Fishing in World of Warcraft is horribly boring for some people.  Then for weirdos like me, it’s very relaxing.  In game, every class has a go to buff food.  Usually its +int, +str +agi or +stam…surprisingly enough, the same buffs that are available from the fish feasts.  Before feasts, everyone had to provide their own buff food which meant either farming and cooking it yourself, or, buying it off the auction house.  Currently at end game, most raids bring fish feasts, so that their raiders don’t have to remember to get their own food.  Still though, someone has to either purchase or farm up the mats for the feast.

This is where many busy raiders usually decide that it is easier to just eat the fish feast, or buy food from the auction house.  Those guys, they are suckers.  SUCKERS I tell you. Why?  Fishing and cooking are very easy to level up from scratch.  Not only that, but, usually there’s one fish that is a major pain in the ass to fish up (I’m looking at you lavascale catfish) but really isn’t that hard…and it will sell for amazing prices.  So while you’re out helping out the guild (or yourself) with some feast mats, you could potentially spend a little more time and profit off it.

El’s Anglin has a wonderful guide to get started with leveling fishing and cooking together here.  She’s also got some more great information about fishing for profit, fun, and achievements as well, be sure and check it out.

Now, you’ll need to be able to cook that fish, so you should also level cooking.  People will pay good money for individual food buff food that is cooked as well.  It’s true that fishing and cooking aren’t the *best* money makers in the game, however, it’s the cheapest way to pick up your own food.  Besides, where else can you cook some food that attracts an army of penguins?

Penguin Army

Surely the opportunity to have your own army of noncombat pets follow you around is enough of a reason!  What are your reasons for or against fishing and cooking?

Diablo 3, First Impressions

I have never played Diablo before….well…that isn’t true, I bought the battle chest a few years back and installed it, logged in and was completely at a lost as to what to do.  It wasn’t like World of Warcraft at all.  World of Warcraft was the only computer game I’d ever played outside of card games!  Today I made a Monk…I got D3 as part of my WoW annual pass, so I figure I may as well give it a try.  I’ve completed 4 quests and teleported back to the town.  So far….I kind of like it.

I obviously made a Monk because they were the only ones that had “heal” in their description that I could find.  As someone who typically heals and will be playing this with my spouse who likes to rush in and smash things it seems suiting.  I will try the other classes eventually as well, but I figured sticking with something familiar was best.

This is my Monk:

My first D3 Character

Here I am in all my Glory!


I intend to share some of my thoughts and experiences as I go along, when I remember 🙂


Tips for Transitioning to a Different Healing Class

Many people who decide they are main spec healers, wind up having several healing classes to choose from in their day to day play.  This can get confusing, particularly if you play one healing class more than the rest…I still try to fade on my druid!  With the overall current feel of the classes, this isn’t as hard as it could be, but may take some work.  How you set up your keybinds and UI can play a big part in this.

Compare your Skills
Each class has a cheap slow heal, an expensive quick heal, and a long cast big heal.  It is called different things for each class, but everyone has it.  There are other comparisons, such as a druid’s rejuvenation to a priest’s renew to a shaman’s riptide.  Once you’ve compared your skills, and get a real feel for what is the same, then you can focus on what is different.  What has really helped me, is to then key-bind the similar spells first.  If my right-click is always my long cast big heal, then that is what I bind it as on every healer I have.  My mouse-wheel is always a quick instant heal (Prayer of Mending, Swiftmend, ect).  I use shift right-click for my magic dispel on every healer. (or decursive, I still use decursive!)  This makes your key-bindings become less of an issue and second nature no matter which class you are playing.

Compare your Cooldowns
I generally try to compare my cooldowns.  My go-to spell when the poop hits the fan?  Yep, always on my action bar, but really close to my healing frames!  My mana regen?  Macro’d by the oh poop spell…macro’d because of all the times I’ve cast it on the mage by accident….!  I tend to fat finger sometimes…so they were taken off my mouse, your mileage may vary.  On my paladin all of my “hand of” spells are used with the mouse-over macro from last week.

Sort out the rest
Once you’ve figured out what is comparable and what is not, you can work on building each healer’s ui in a way that is the most useful to your own individual style.   Some people need more information at their disposal to heal well and others don’t need so much.  Since I am the raid leader when Kurby isn’t available, I tend to err on the side of lots of information.  What is most important for transitioning is that it is smooth.  Though two years later I do still wonder why my shadowmeld doesn’t sound like fade.


For my fellow altoholics, how do you transition?  Do you keep with a plan or play each character differently?

Healing Mains is transforming…ish

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