About Eluna

Healing Mains


I suppose I should “introduce” myself.  I play World of Warcraft.  There are other games out there, but WoW is mine.  I am not a great player, but I’m not half bad either.  I am the GM of a raiding guild (7/8 DS as of today).  I’m also a mother and a wife and a daughter.  Mostly I am a geek though.  I don’ t do the whole “geek cred” thing.  I don’t get that…I don’t need someone else to define how geek I am, it’s my definition and I’ll use it as I see fit.  I also enjoy reading, crochet, and spending time outdoors.  My husband also plays WoW and he’s the Raid Leader in our guild.  We used to do the whole GM/CoGM thing but it was just confusing, so that’s how we explain it now.  We still make *most* decisions together.  I play a Resto Druid currently.  For Wrath, I played a holy/disp priest and a holy pally.  I tried tanking for a bit on the pally (and later a warrior) but it just isn’t my thing I guess.  Prior to Wrath, I started out midway though Burning Crusade as a blood elf hunter….I was a horrible player then.  I’ve gotten better at the hunter and she’s now human, I play her as an alt, but I still don’t master the hunting game.  I also have a slew of other alts, because I just enjoy leveling.  I also enjoy torturing myself with achievements like Lore Master, Salty and Chef (my current game goals outside of raid time!)

Most of all though, I’m a healer.   I’m so much of a healer, that I have all 4 healing classes leveled to 85, along with a couple of alts that I’m working on the opposite faction!  *gasp!!*  I have tried dps’ing on my druid, but, I just can’t seem to ignore my raid frames and focus on the dps aspect.  I am very much a “Must Heal ALLLLL the THINGS!” druid.  I never thought it would happen, but over the course of Cataclysm, I’ve become a druid…I have tried to bring my priest and pally out of retirement….but nope.  I just feel so restrained when I play them.  Don’t get me wrong, having a huge heal bomb for the tank on my pally feels great, as does the aoe power of a priest!  But they just aren’t me anymore.  I’m currently working on a baby panda that is specced into the ways of the healer…also doesn’t feel right.  So, I guess that makes me a druid main, but since I have no desire to play guardian or feral and I really suck at playing boomkin, I picked Healing Main for the title.

That about sums up who I am.  This blog is about my adventures though the game, as guild leader, as a healer and even sometimes as a mom, because my kids are pretty darn cool sometimes.  I won’t always be interesting, but I have a little something for everyone.



You can contact me on twitter here:  @elunamakata


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