About Brae

“Healing Main”.  That really does sum up who I am… at least in WoW.  In “real life” I’m a wife, a step-mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend.  A musician, a theologian, a photographer, a budding fitness buff.  And clearly a geek.  Maybe even a nerd. And I really love who I am – and who I’m becoming.

 As for WoW, I started playing back in Burning Crusade.  Brae – the very main I am posting about – was the very first character I ever created.  I actually spent about a week reading about the game and looking at the class descriptions to figure out what “felt right”.  I was not completely sure I wanted to play WoW at all (I’m really not a fan of violence and gore), but was willing to give it a shot.  Turns out I LOVE the game and all its options.  I still get twinges of guilt when killing so many things – but all-in-all, I’ve really enjoyed everything.  And healing is DEFINITELY the right choice.  In real life, I am about half-way through a degree that will allow me to become a Pastor.  So yes, this short, chubby, red-headed pastor-to-be plays a short, curvy, red-headed priest.

 I’ve tried DPS – shadow priest, mage, DK, warlock, pally, warrior.  I’ve tried tanking – DK.  I have 4 85’s (priest, mage, DK, shammy) and a 63 druid.  After the druid will be my Pally (sitting at 45) and a monk healer once MoP releases.  I love healing; I SUCK at DPS; and you really don’t want me to tank, except in a pinch.  I have tanked raid bosses on my poor, lonely DK.  But only with our raid leader coaching me through it – and only on fairly simple fights where there isn’t much to watch out for.  And no matter what I do, like Eluna, those health bars pull my attention ALWAYS.  It’s in my blood – in my soul – I must heal people.  I must HELP people.  I guess that’s what makes me good at my job (customer service) and my future vocation (pastor).

 I’m excited to share a bit about what works and doesn’t work for us as healers… and future fitness buffs… and wives… and moms… and friends.  Friends who hang out together a lot – not just on our Healing Mains.


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