Guild Leader Perspective: Scheduled “Fun” Events

One of the things that both frustrate a Guild Leader along with bringing us joy:  Fun Runs.  Why you may ask?  Attendance.  The most fun things can be ruined simply because people say they want to do them, guild leaders schedule them out, and so few appear, you can’t make the run happen.  As a leader, we have to try to keep activities going to meet the needs of the guild, or it becomes a stagnant wasteland of raiders logging in to raid and casual players feeling like they have no value in the guild.  Cross realm grouping can help, but it can also hurt.  This leaves the guild leader in a tight position, schedule runs ahead of time and hope enough people were interested in running them or wait and see who’s online and risk people thinking that there is nothing planned.

I have tried to approach fun runs several different ways over the course of the past two or so years that I’ve been in charge of them.  Even before I took over the Guild Leader position, I was Co-GM and still had the charge of fun events.  I have polled the guild to see what they are interested in….which unless it was an actual poll instead of an open discussion, led to arguments.  Do I guess what people want (poll choices) or leave it open for discussion (arguments)?  I have just scheduled things based on guild achievements.  We did happen to get most of our raid and dungeon achievements this way (Vanilla, BC, and quite a bit of Wrath), but when we got closer to the end of Wrath content, attendance dictated if we could actually complete the objective or not.  Sure we can 3 man Illdian, not so much Heroic Ruby Sanctum.  I have tried not scheduling things and then just typing in guild chat around our usual time “hey who wants to go do some mount runs?”.  This has had some success, but then leaves people who aren’t online at that time feeling left out, because it wasn’t on the schedule.

When it comes to cross realm grouping, that opens up another can of worms.  People lead differently, different servers have different “norms” for how they handle loot, and what one person takes seriously, another is in for fun.  In general, cross realm grouping can make the worst raid finder look organized, quick and drama free.  Not to say you can’t have fun with cross realm grouping, there is a lot of fun to be had, but its like organizing a guild run except without voice chat and with raid chat turned off.  It takes an extra layer of communication and understanding, or people wind up frustrated without really understanding why.  We have slowed our cross realm experience down quite a bit just to give the guild members a breather.

The options then become, do you make “fun” runs mandatory, so that you can actually schedule them out and be inclusive to people who don’t’ normally raid, or do you maintain that as “fun” runs they are optional?  That, my friends, is one of the most frustrating things about keeping a guild active.  I maintain that fun runs should not be mandatory, but I will change the destination if it will not be “fun” to run it with the handful of people who regularly show up when attendance is low.

How are fun runs (or casual/alt raids) handled in your guild?


3 Comments on “Guild Leader Perspective: Scheduled “Fun” Events”

  1. Geeking out says:

    Hon, I understand the frustrations – trust me! Know that you can always count on me to BE there when I say I shall (except for the recent issues). ❤

  2. clumsygrrrl says:

    I’m in charge of fun runs (and lowbie runs in general) in my guild. Initially the response was super positive – we’d have full runs every week. This worked out great for months … up until about two months ago. Attendance plunged.

    We did requests – if enough people wanted to run something, I’d schedule it. Normally only one or two of the group would show at this point.

    I’ve since put our fun runs on a hiatus until some interest perks back up again. Most of our players have begun to meld into the woodwork, hibernating until the Pandas are dropped. Hopefully we’ll pick them back up once people begin to come back! 🙂

  3. nerisanda says:

    I feel your pain. When we started fun runs, attendance was brilliant! We did OS for 12 weeks straight so everyone could get their drake mount. When transmogrification dropped, we had a solid month of fantastic attendance and seriously fun nights in old content. Then it..fizzled. We don’t really know why. Every once in a while a member will get a hankering for a new item and it will spark up again; that is until people just stop showing up and said guildie ends up disenchanted.

    Our latest plan of attack has been to merge ‘old school’ runs with Tier 11 content and promote one of our budding members who is constantly farming this, that or the other for something to a rank where he can actually organise these things. His BWD run on Friday night was full! The trick is going to be to keep that interest happening. Sadly, knowing the selfishness that seems to have crept into my guild, I can bet money on once these folks getting their Defender title, they will stop showing up. It just means more recruitment for me, I guess! *sigh*

    We’re considering tying in competitions to these events in a hope to keep people’s interest — and the fun factor — high. It’s just so hard to keep people entertained when as Clumsygrrrl says, “Players have begun to meld into the woodwork, hibernating until Pandas are dropped.” Even Diablo 3 dropping this week has me worried for progression raid attendance! I forsee lots of chocolate and beer in my future!

    All the best 🙂

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