What Brae is working on right now…

Well – since the guild is 7/8 in DS and 6/7 in FL … and MoP isn’t ready to drop YET… I need *something* to keep me busy, right?

Like Eluna – I’m an acheesement wh… *ahem* fan.  Yes, I said acheesement… hush.

I’ve had the Violet Drake for awhile (yay free 310 flying!) and random others.  I just recently maxed my Archaeology (YUCK!) to finish up all my professions on Brae.  I’ve leveled skinning to max  on my Shammy, and LW to 425 (I think?).  Leveled enchanting on my druid to 200-something.  Leveled tailoring on my Pally (hush… I know… plate-wearing, cloth-making freak she is!)

We’ve run instances to finish up guild and personal acheesement metas and get more mounts.

I just got my 125th (and then 126, 127, and 128th) pet.

And I have a zillion other things I’m playing with.

Tonight – I FINALLY got the Amani War Bear.  We’ve done the timed run a bunch of times in the last week or so and ALWAYS we had at least one other person along who could roll on it… and they ALWAYS won.  It was getting kind of funny, really.

Here is Brae on her war bear!  🙂


One Comment on “What Brae is working on right now…”

  1. Elunamakata says:

    Wheeee you got your bear! (oh wait I was there 😉 )

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